Kit of tools for Graph Drawing. Data format is called "the dot language".

see RdfViz (for non-interactive handling) and IsaViz (for interactive drawing)

Nooron uses it

Site Map |generator Python code for drawing class inheritance diagrams --BillSeitz, 2003/08/05 13:29 GMT
intro article and deeper version with screenshots (this might be great for some code I'm going to inherit).

  • this builds the data then calls 'os.system' to push data into GraphViz

  • there's no Python interface to GraphViz

    • graphviz tools run stand-alone, but can also be extended to create interfaces to external databases and systems. This usually involves writing Dot Ty (written in LEFTY) or Tcl Dot scripts to customize the graph editor's behavior and to program it communicate with external files or programs.

      • Dotty is an application written in the Lefty graphical editor. Lefty programs are written in a scripting language (also called Lefty) whose semantic level is about the same as conventional scripting languages (VisualBasic, Unix Shell, Tcl Tk)... Dotty itself is constructed as two co-operating processes, Dot and Lefty. Lefty runs Dot to make graph layouts. These programs communicate via pipes.

There may be some licensing issus. Some suggest VCG as an alternative...

Jun'2009 update: Just found the PyGraphviz library.

downloaded and played with Wiki visualization --2004/02/05 20:29 GMT
Just took my list of links and made a .dot file for pages going to and from Open Society - too many nodes to be usable (flat set of nodes). Trigger different layout? Only include certain nodes? Would try SVG except for the stinking Mozilla plug-in problems...

Jun'2008: noted GraphViz comes in MacOs X now. Is used in OmniGraffle v5.

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