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Aug'2016: Amazingly long tweetstorm from Patrick McKenzie on treating your Talent-hiring-leads pipeline as systematically as you should be handling your sales pipeline. If there is a talent shortage, it is of people who know how to run a hiring process like it is a business... "Suppose an engineer intros you to a warm prospect. What's next action?" "Thank them." "And then?" "I'm thinking call w/ no script or CTA."... "Why should people join us?" "The mission!" "Who articulates the mission best?" "The CEO." "Do we have her talk to candidates?" "Lol no." "Why not?" "Because she's the CEO and has important work to do." "OK but we have video of her talking right." "Yeah." "Do we send it?" "Why"... "So you're in the biz of convincing highly mathematical individuals to trade stock for money." "Yep." "How much is our stock worth?" "Lots."... "What we spend on outsourced lead gen last quarter?" "$0." "What do we pay recruiters?" "$25k a placement." "How many placements?" "Ten." "OK, so imagine you had a $250k budget for making stuff." "They'd never give me a budget." "Play along. What would you make?" "Sounds risky" "OK, I get that. Imagine its your hated rival at Competitor X. What could they get made for $250k?" "Dunno." "How many books/movies/apps?" "Dunno." "What's a book cost to make?" "Dunno." "I assert it can be done for $50k." "Sounds unlikely." "Can you turn book into candidates?" "I can't imagine devs read books." "OK, do they use websites?" "Yeah." "Can you get a website made?" "We have a jobs page." "Think bigger."

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