This is Microsoft's plan for having End Users store all their data out in the cloud instead of on their desktop. The primary benefit, I believe, being that the data then becomes available to non-desktop devices (PDA with wireless connection, cellphone, kiosk at internet cafe or airport, etc.).

The main chance of success of this, I believe, comes from Microsoft's ownership of the PIM marketplace with MsOutlook. A result of them giving it away for free (among other things).

It's very easy to foresee MsOutlookXp having a one-button synch-to-cloud feature.

I expect that HailStorm will require that fees be paid by the End Users.

this is bullshit

a haiku --2003/06/05 12:17 GMT
Hailstorm around you, Unified outside the gates, Present your profiles.

2003/09/30 12:48 GMT
this website sucks balls

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