== Anti-CenshorShip software ==

Haystack is a proprietary network traffic obfuscator and encryptor used to circumvent internet censorship.[1] The BBC's Virtual Revolution television series featured this software in the context of attempts to bypass network blocking software in Iran.


== RDF-based PIM ==

RDF-based PIM and much more from MIT, not unlike OSAF/Chandler.



Includes new language Aden Ine - Adenine is a Python-like language for manipulating RDF. In addition to being useful for general Semantic Web applications, Adenine also powers much of the user interface and agent framework in Haystack.

http://www.ai.mit.edu/people/dquan/haystack_intro.htm - Adenine is a Turing-universal programming language specifically suited for manipulating RDF metadata. Its syntax resembles a combination of Notation3, Scheme, and Python... All Adenine objects are actually Java objects under the covers.

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