Unique-but-abandoned Mac-only product, developed by Bill Atkinson (following an LSD trip). Could be a HyperText engine (Beyond Cyberpunk), could be a (mainly single-user) data-backed GUI CardDeck-based development environment. Launched 1987.

Goals/design, from interview linked above

  • help people from different areas (physicists, musicians) communicate with each other
  • through an interactive medium
  • so it was effectively a software construction kit

Why was it killed? (from same interview)

  • meta: note that iBooks-Author is kinda its descendant
  • Apple was having financial troubles, had to kill some projects
  • HyperCard "had some of that Sculley stink on it" (from Jobs' perspective)
  • Apple was afraid of pissing off indie developers with people building their own apps (end-user programming) - or maybe Jobs didn't care about e-u-p either

Dan Shafer wrote some books about it.

See MetaCard for a close clone, or PythonCard for something similar but a bit different.

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