Apple Computer Tablet, built around same platform as the IPhone. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPad

Oct'2022: Andy Matuschak: I'd endorse the oldest iPad Pro which supports the Apple Pencil 2—the 2018 models. The 120Hz display makes a big diff for inking, and the 2nd-gen Pencil is much better, but the rest of the hardware changes since 2018 don't matter much.

2010-3013 notes

launched 2010

prototype with KeyNote! http://blog.amirkhella.com/2010/06/16/how-to-prototype-interactive-ipad-applications-in-30-minutes-or-less-using-apple-keynote/

fancy Magazine/Newspaper apps http://www.spd.org/2010/08/10-ipad-apps-for-publication-d.php

May'2012: Dave Winer prefers his old one. The other day, with the battery running down, I had an idea. I charged up my old iPad, so it would serve as a backup, next time the battery ran down on the new iPad. And the next day I got to use it, and here's the thing -- I like it better than the new one! It's lighter, the battery lasts longer, and when it runs down it charges much more quickly. Having gotten used to the new iPad, the old one feels like an upgrade!

Feb'2013 - The Wife got one from work

omg I hate this thing gimme a Leap Pad

Searching for NewsStand content to add

  • start in NewsStand
  • click Store button - it takes you into ITunes AppStore - what no Search button?!?
  • click one of the buttons at the bottom ("Featured", etc.) - when you get that listing page, there will be a Search box in the upper right.
  • once you find your title, it will probably behave like an App, maybe actually be an App. Though once you launch it and sign in with your subscription, you may find it stuffs the actual content back in the NewsStand!

Copying Non Itunes Video From Computer To Ipad

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