Live Chat protocol


The biggest problem with IRC as a Group Discussion medium is that a newcomer can't see what was said before he came in.

  • in theory you could have some IrcBot recording things and streaming them to an archive page. This has implied-PrivAcy issues - the people having the chat at the previous moments were speaking in the context of the chat membership at that time, and no the context changes after-the-fact...
  • see Irc Cloud below

Nov'2014: Albert Wenger recommends improvements.

Clients I use

JavaScript client! Kiwi Irc

some rooms:

I wonder whether IRC (or at least freenode) will get overwhelmed at some point.

I wonder whether ISP-s will start offering IRC hosting as part of a low-end hosting package. Or whether there's a P2P model for Live Chat

An IrcBot is an app that pretends to be another user - it listens for things and responds by posting output to the channel.

Irc Cloud - paid IRC service

  • *"Does IRCCloud act as a BNC/bouncer and stay connected when I go offline?" "Yes it does – you will stay connected to IRC even if you shutdown your computer or sign out of This means when you come back, you'll be able to see what happened on IRC whilst you were away."
  • but can't download log files, can't use standard IRC client...

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