InfoDepot was a very cool piece of software. Originally just for the Mac. They were working on a Windows version (I probably still have a beta copy sitting somewhere) when they folded.

What was cool about InfoDepot is that it was an OutLining package with multiple columns/fields. So you could build a hierarchy of tasks, and then have fields for Owner, Due Date, Priority, etc. It would let you do filtered views, etc.

Somewhere late in the 90s it became multi-user, where it did row-locking, which was awesome!

And now you can do this with OmniOutliner for Mac OS X, although InfoDepot allowed many more features like calculations and many object types in the fields

Arabesque Ecco did this on windows. Also very cool.

Info Depot was great. I'm still looking for Win equivalent.

If they could re-launch and allow corss-platform sharing...

Bill: I used InfoDepot and loved it. I could run projects with it easily. The company was sold and then resold. InfoDepot wound up on a shelf. Let's see what we can do about getting InfoDepot relaunched. Contact Christopher at ''

I still have my original InfoDepot packaging and software. It worked up until some of the latter revisions of OS 9 and then would not print. i was hoping that someone would have bought-out the software and carried on with it. OmniOutliner is still far, far away from what Info Depot was.

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