Was a public Search Engine site. Also built Ultra Seek, an Intranet ("enterprise") search technology in 1997. It was built by wrapping Infoseek's core search technology with Python, in order to make it a complete search engine for enterprises.

Dis Ney bought InfoSeek (for it's public search portal technology and traffic, for in July1999.

Ink Tomi bought the Ultra Seek (Intranet) technology from Dis Ney in (2000) to complement its own public web-search technology (part of the Hot Bot site at the time).

Verity bought InfoSeek's Ultra Seek technology in Nov2002 (as a cheaper alternative to its own engine), so Ink Tomi could concentrate on (public site) "web search".

Yahoo bought Ink Tomi in Mar2003.

(The above history is very confusing to me, and might not be fully accurate.)

I had a strange recollection that some generation of some InfoSeek code was Open Source (or Public Domain). But Ryan Weisenberger says I'm wrong.

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