Intelligent Software Assistant

for human, see Virtual Assistant

a PIM with Natural Language Processing AI? Something to help with Augmenting Human Intellect? Next step: Daemon?

An intelligent software assistant, also called an intelligent software agent, cognitive assistant or cognitive agent, is a Software Agent that is also an intelligent agent which performs a task with minimum specific directions from users. It evolves from the concept of virtual personal assistant, a cognitive assistant that learns and organizes. Intelligent software assistant combines traditionally isolated approaches to Artificial Intelligence to try to create a personal-assistant program that improves by interacting with its user.

Feb'2015: This kind of “more sophisticated service composition” could start to appear on smartphones in a little more than a year from now, he adds. This points to a post-app world, where pieces of information and service components that currently reside in standalone apps are stitched together to resolve life’s many small, daily problems... Last month, Google released an experimental API that lets other companies insert their own content into its Google Now service, so that their information can also be “pushed” at users when it is most likely to be needed.

Needs Voice Recognition?

Needs to be Mobile?


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