Issue Tracker Wiki

I definitely can't imagine using an Issue Tracker not integrated into a Wiki. The non-issue Wiki pages pull everything together!

And, for a TeamWiki, having that integrated Issue Tracker is a huge benefit.

Once you integrate a Version Control System, you end up with a Software Forge.

The king of the AppWiki?

old note: Wow, if you want an Issue TrackerWiki with HtmlArea support, for free, you get only 8 matches: Fos Wiki, Incentive Wiki, Pm Wiki, SharePointWikiPlus, Tiki Wiki CMS-Groupware, Traction Software Team Page, TWiki, and XWiki.

  • and none of these give you the SubVersion integration of TracWiki!
  • and some of those aren't very free (e.g. free for only 5 users, etc.)

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