Jim McCarthy

Software Development guru

author, with wife Michele McCarthy - 2021 The McCarthy Show https://mccarthyshow.com/

23-1/2 rules https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9B1543FBFFB18EDD

54 rules! https://sites.google.com/site/tamucsce6062011bbenliles/references/jim-mccarthy-s-rules

McCarthy Tech identified the state of Shared Vision as the catalyst leading to the hyper-productivity and seamless communication found in the best teams. The Mc Carthys then developed the key variables, structures and behaviors that, when consistently applied by the members of a team, will always generate the state of shared vision in the team. A team having a shared vision characterizes the most successful team experiences. Until now, there has been no reliable means for generating the shared vision experience at will. http://www.mccarthy-tech.com/

BootCamp training program

  • a 5-day, 5-night, experiential course that will lead any group to a state of shared vision, while also teaching them how to lead other groups to a state of shared vision.
  • Indeed applying the Team Worx protocols in real life requires a level of personal commitment that can be difficult to maintain. In fact, Mc Carthy and his wife, Michelle, are the only two Teamworx founders remaining of the original five. Mc Carthy defends the validity of his company's team-building protocols by saying that the change in personnel had more to do with company direction than an inability to work as a team. "We wanted Teamworx to move in the direction of intimacy and connectedness," he says. "My sense is that that was a little more than some folks felt safe with." Nonetheless, it's clear that there are no guarantees in team building, even for the experts.

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