Jim Rogers

co-founder with George Soros of the Quantum Fund (he had a SmallCo attitude: he didn't want to grow the fund as much as Soros did because of the hassles of running an organization vs a small fund, which is why he eventually left)

likes to travel around the world with his girlfriend. His books about his trips are excellent on-the-ground editorials on International Development, Foreign Policy, etc. - a good For Hackers series candidate except that they're not structured that way.




In 1998, Rogers founded the Rogers International Commodity Index (RICI). In 2007, the index and its 3 sub-indices were linked to exchange-traded notes under the banner ELEMENTS. The notes track the total return of the indices as an accessible way to invest in the index. Rogers is an outspoken advocate of agriculture investments and, in addition to the Rogers Commodity Index, is involved with two direct, farmland investment funds - Agrifirma (based in Brazil) and Agcapita Farmland Investment Partnership (based in Canada).

We arrived back in New York, our home, on 5 January 2002, just 1101 days since we departed on our round-the-world, Guinness World Record journey. Passing through 116 countries, we covered more than 245,000 kilometers during our travels, which began in Iceland way back on 1-1-1999. Our non-stop, self-contained, three-year trip in a one-of-a-kind Mercedes-Benz took us to six continents, where our goal was to explore as much of the world as possible at the turn of the millennium, to learn what people and countries were doing and to see how well they were doing it. for Adventure Capitalist ISBN:0375509127

Previous: Investment Biker ISBN:0812968719 based on motorcycle trip around the world.

in between trips often teaches Advanced Security Analysis at Columbia University, using some of his previous students (who are typically running Hedge Fund-s as TAs). I audited the course after I'd already graduated.

Moved to Singapore in 2007.

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