previously iPython

Jan'2015: iPython being renamed to Jupyter as it starts supporting multiple ProgrammingLanguages.

May'2015: OReilly making it a first-class authoring environment for their OReilly Atlas system.

Sept'2015 start using

Using http://jupyter-notebook-beginner-guide.readthedocs.org/

Wow, install Anaconda.

Running ipython notebook works, running jupyter notebook does not. Grrr. (dropped project)


JupyterHub[18] is a multi-user server for Jupyter Notebooks. It is designed to support many users by spawning, managing, and proxying many singular Jupyter Notebook servers.[citation needed] While JupyterHub requires managing servers, third-party services like Jupyo[19] provide an alternative to JupyterHub by hosting and managing multi-user Jupyter notebooks in the cloud.

Jupyter Book is an open source project for building books and documents from computational material.[20] It allows the user to construct the content in a mixture of Markdown, an extended version of Markdown called MyST,[21] Maths & Equations using MathJax, Jupyter Notebooks, reStructuredText, the output of running Jupyter Notebooks at build time. Multiple output formats can be produced (currently single files, multipage HTML web pages and PDF files).

The Jupyter Notebook has become a popular user interface for cloud computing, and major cloud providers have adopted the Jupyter Notebook or derivative tools as a frontend interface for cloud users. Examples include Amazon's SageMaker Notebooks,[23] Google's Colaboratory (Google Colab) (Colab Notebook)[24] and Microsoft's Azure Notebook.[25].

nbdev is a library that allows you to develop a python library in Jupyter Notebooks, putting all your code, tests and documentation in one place. That is: you now have a true literate programming environment, as envisioned by Donald Knuth back in 1983! nbdev makes debugging and refactoring your code much easier relative to traditional programming environments. Furthermore, using nbdev promotes software engineering best practices because tests and documentation are first class citizens.

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