an implementation of Python built in Java. Why ?

  • to run Python on any Java platform (I'm not sure that matters, since few machines have a JVM outside the browser)

    • ok, that's an obsolete complaint

      • though the WORE "benefit" may be obsolete as well :)
  • lets a Python developer work in the Java EcoSystem (applets with Swing, Apache Jakarta,

  • add scriptability to a Java app (since Java isn't an Agile Language!)



J Python was created in late 1997 by Jim Hugunin. Jim was also the primary developer while he was at CNRI. In February 1999 Barry Warsaw took over as primary developer and released J Python version 1.1. In October 2000 Barry helped move the software to Source Forge where it was renamed to Jython. Barry then made Finn Bock the primary maintainer.

22nd August 2007: Jython 2.2, the first production release of Jython in nearly six years, is now available for download. Its feature set is equivalent to the 2.2 release of C Python.

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