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Book of (ISBN:0415165024) essays of the effect of The Open Society and its Enemies

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autiobiography Unended Quest ISBN:0875483437

Perspective from General Semantics on his definition of the Theor Y/Model - Falsifiability.

Cosma Shalizi on his political thinking: Usually democracy is justified on some such grounds as "the Sovereignty of the people" or the like, but Popper rejected that altogether. The problem of politics is not "Who should rule?" but "How can we correct mistakes of Public Policy without violence?"; not "How can we make people good or happy?" but "How can we minimize avoidable suffering?"; not "What is the best state?" but "What can we do now to make things better?" The virtues of Democracy is that, of all known systems, it is the one where policy can be reformed most peacefully and most rationally, and the one which is least likely to inflict or condone needless or unequal suffering. As for the virtues of Piece Meal Social Engineering and reform over the construction of Utopia-s and revolutions, one would think they'd speak for themselves after the twentieth century; but no. (Iterative)

Bruce Caldwell wrote : My own reading of the evidence is that neither Popper nor F A Hayek had much of an influence on the other, at least if we restrict ourselves to speaking in terms of their ideas about how to do social science. The influence I see is mostly in terms of the language (Shared Language) in which each came to express his ideas, the way they came to put things.

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