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Jun'2021: focus on centering conversation as the medium through which knowledge and creativity can emerge... thinking is conversation, notes are writing down your stream of consciousness. if you've ever written a twitter thread you know how generative it can be, and its tendency to organically atomize ideas into cards... why are our conversations emphemeral? because almost all existing communication tools suffer from the multiplex problem... the streams of information are the different lines of thinking and conversation we pursue and the cable is the single-dimensional chat UI into which we are forced to merge logically separate threads... twitter threads actually come closest to solving this, which is a big reason why they are a major inspiration for knovigator and why private twitter is one lens through which you can understand what knov is trying to do... instead of forcing many threads into a single scarce dimension, knovigator enables you to effortlessly grow a conversation tree branching off new threads any time you are inspired to pursue a distinct but related idea

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