Language Action Perspective

Fernando Flores/Terry Winograd concept: "expert behavior requires an exquisite sensitivity to Context"

Interview of Jack Reilly on "Using the Methods of Fernando Flores" on Atom Of Work model

Terry Winograd paper - In creating computer-based systems, we work within a perspective that shapes the design questions that will be asked and the kinds of solutions that are sought. This paper introduces a perspective based on language as action, and explores its consequences for system design. We describe a communication tool called The Coordinator, which was designed from a language/action perspective, and we suggest how further aspects of coordinated work (coordination) might be addressed in a similar style. The language/action perspective is illustrated with an example based on studies of nursing work in a hospital ward and is contrasted to other currently prominent perspectives.

  • Winograd collection of readings on the topic.
  • "ActIon-Centered Design" essay online as PDF

see also Action Workflow, BAT/Business As Action Game Theory, DEMO, CHAOS, SAMPO, Coordinator

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