Laundry Machine

need to replace Asko apartment-sized washer/dryer set



  • are any of these ventless (or "condenser") units ?

  • specifically, need ventless dryer that has collection-holder, rather than draining from hose, because I've been warned that the ones that drain often need a pretty big outgoing drain, which might be too much for my plumbing.

  • The outside "loop" in a condenser dryer consists of either air or water. Some condenser dryer models are air-cooled, and use the ambient room air as a heat sink, by blowing it across the outside of the heat exchanger. These dryers will tend to heat the indoor air in one's laundry room significantly. Note however that ONLY heat is released - all MOISTURE is contained within the unit. The condensed water can be either pumped away to a drain line (e.g. into a standpipe shared with the clothes washer) or stored in a container within the dryer to be emptied later (not all models offer both options). All standalone Euro condenser dryers are of this type, i.e. units from Miele, AEG, Bosch, Asko, Malber, and Eurotech.

    • In "combo washer/dryers" (i.e. machines that can BOTH wash and dry the clothes), the ventless condenser system is also widely used, but in these cases the condensers are water-cooled. During a dry cycle, several gallons of cold water are used to condense the moisture evaporated from the clothes, which again is pumped away through the drain line. Most of the "combos" currently available in North America use this method - i.e. units from Equator, Splendide, Malber, Haier, Quietline, Thor, LG, and Eurotech. Note that unlike the air-cooled design, these models do NOT significantly heat the indoor air in one's laundry room - but on the other hand, the fact that they use extra water during the dry cycle must be taken into consideration, especially for anyone on a very limited (or expensive) water supply.

    • Finally, it should be pointed out that virtually all condenser dryers use simple heat exchangers as described above - NOT dehumidifier-style compressor-based heat pumps. Thus they're not overly complex, and are about as reliable as vented dryers - but not any more efficient either. There IS in fact a true heat pump dryer - the AEG Lavatherm WP - which is very energy-efficient, but it's not available in North America, and is extremely expensive (probably so much so that it wouldn't pay for itself in energy terms).

    • ugh, it sounds to me like, if I'm concerned about drainage capacity, and want the container for condensed water, I have to go with the air-cooled approach, which will heat up my DotCom Kitchen (where the Laundry Machine is located).

    • hmm, Panasonic makes a combined unit which uses a heat-pump. what about combo unit?

      • ugh, it's not for the US market anyway
  • these are generally bigger (wider/deeper) than I have space for

  • also, if you're doing more than 1 load, it takes longer, since you can't parallel-process

hmm, do I have a 240v or 120v line there? Asko manual says it takes 230v, so I guess I have the 240v line.

Miele has a good reputation. But then again...

  • Their Touchtronic T13x series is the Condenser models.

    • The T1329 Ci has flat control panel (better for stacking), with "optional integrated conversion" which hides seams between stack pieces, or something. (Do they sell that panel, or do you have your custom-cabinet maker provide that?). No pricing - discontinued?

    • T1323C has angled control panel

    • T1322C has flat control panel, no "integrated conversion" option. Discontinued? Discount to $320!

    • T1339 Ci has flat/integrated controls, uses "Honeycomb drum". $1750!

    • T1333C has angled control, Honeycomb Drum

    • T1332C has flat (not integrated) controls, Honeycomb Drum. $1550 ($1400 from Gringer) (plus $227 for connecting box (is elec jack 3prong or 4prong?) and $150 for stacking kit). This seems like the target.

  • washing machine to match

  • stacked size 23.5w x 22.5d x 67.2h (going to be pretty tight fit on the height)

  • local dealer: GringerAndSons (talked to Amore)

    • delivery time: flat is backlogged until November, angled is avail now

    • stack height: 69" - do I really have room?

  • called Miele HQ to get confirmation

    • the back-logged systems are discontinued - if I can't find a dealer who has one in stock, it's never going to be available

    • the new line is coming out in a month (so they hope). That line is higher, and won't fit in my existing space (I could have the cabinet contractor replace the cabinet with a smaller item.)

  • another local dealer (Manhattan Center for Kitchen and Bath): even though Miele db says they don't handle Laundry Machine-s, it turns out he does (account 1111)

    • even has the old line

    • but says won't fit

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