Liberal Arts

Social Science-s, literature, etc.

The liberal arts (Latin: artes liberales) are those subjects or skills that in classical antiquity were considered essential for a free person (Latin: liberal, "worthy of a free person")[1] to know in order to take an active part in civic life, something that (for Ancient Greece) included participating in public debate, defending oneself in court, serving on juries, and most importantly, military service. Grammar, rhetoric, and logic were the core liberal arts, while arithmetic, geometry, the theory of music, and astronomy also played a (somewhat lesser) part in education.[2] In modern times, liberal arts education is a term that can be interpreted in different ways. It can refer to certain areas of literature, languages, art history, music history, Philosophy, history, mathematics, psychology, and science.

Philip Greenspun: Be sure to choose a College Major that does not involve Known Facts and Right Answers.



Beware courses/majors with "theory" in the name. Lit-Crit

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