educational Programming Language - "LisP without the parentheses"






noted in Python's CP4E concept http://www.python.org/doc/essays/everybody.html

a version implemented in Python! http://pylogo.sourceforge.net/

reminds me of Guido Van Robot - http://gvr.sourceforge.net/

StarLogo: StarLogo is a specialized version of the Logo programming language. With traditional versions of Logo, you can create drawings and animations by giving commands to graphic "turtles" on the computer screen. StarLogo extends this idea by allowing you to control thousands of graphic turtles in parallel. In addition, StarLogo makes the turtles' world computationally active: you can write programs for thousands of "patches" that make up the turtles' environment. Turtles and patches can interact with one another - for example, you can program the turtles to "sniff" around the world, and change their behaviors based on what they sense in the patches below. StarLogo is particularly well-suited for Artificial Life projects.

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