MySQL/PHP/Apache local installer for MacOs X

when I started it the first time, couldn't get MySQL running: '/Applications/MAMP/Library/libexec/mysqld: Can't find file: './mysql/host.frm' (errno: 13)'

  • per this changing permissions in the mysql/mysql directory to mysql:admin (were set to my username, then 'admin'): nope, it won't let me

  • ah, I think I figured out the issue. I think it has to do with the account-renaming associated with moving things over to my MacBook.

  • started MAMP under new/clean name, and both services started up.

Trying to load a dev data dump for work. Using Php My Admin

  • create new db

  • try importing, get "You probably tried to upload too large file" msg. Have to change 3 php.ini settings. Seems to be working now... Nope, timed-out in the middle.

  • imported via 'source' command. Looks good.

Copied existing PHP stuff over to MAMP htdocs directory, tried to hit home page.

  • (somewhere in here I changed MAMP port to standard 80, fearing that some dynamically generated links might not work right otherwise)

  • Got empty page.

  • MAMP's PHP error log says I'm missing a Logger class I need.

  • tried to pull in chunks of httpd.conf - now Apache won't start at all! But every little testing thing I run says "Syntax OK".

    • test by going into apache2/bin directory and doing 'apachectl -S'
  • reverted to original 'httpd.conf' - realized original problem identifying Logger class was because I hadn't set 'autoloader.php' in 'php.ini' - did that and restarted MAMP, and got a page (with plenty of broken stuff).

  • also made local hosts file change to give a name to my local server (putting it in same domain as real server, for cookie sharing), then created new Virtual Host section for that name.

Trying to get SSL working

Ah, a key issue I was having came from not having the latest db schema! Doh!

Launching MySQL from command-line for direct access: '/applications/mamp/library/bin/mysql --database=....'

When my Mac dies, MAMP won't restart. Solution: go to Preferences window.

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