Master And Apprentices

From Alexander Patterns:


*... the Network Of Learning in the community relies on the fact that learning is decentralized, and part and parcel of every activity - not just a Class Room thing. IN order to realize this pattern, it is essential that the individual workgroups, thoughout industry, offices, workshops, and work communities, are all set up to make the learning process posible. This pattern, which shows the arrangement needed, therefore helps greatly to form Self Governing Workshops And Offices as well as the Network Of Learning.

The fundamental learning situation is one in which a person learns by helping someone who really knows what he is doing... (ApprenticeShip)

We believe that variations of this pattern are possible in many different work organizations, as well as the schools...


Arrange the work in every workgroup, industry, and office, in such a way that work and learning go forward hand in hand. Treat every piece of work as an opportunity for learning. To this end, organize work around a tradition of masters and apprentices: and support this form of social organization with a division of the workplace into spatial clusters - one for each master and his apprentices - where they can work and meet together.

Arrange the workspaces as HalfPrivateOffices or WorkspaceEnclosures. Keep workgroups small, and give every group a common area, a common meeting space, and a place where they can eat together - Common Areas At The Heart, Communal Eating, SmallWorkGroups, SmallMeetingRooms...*

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