musical instrument associated with Jon Batiste - blow into plastic keyboard

The melodica was first used as a serious musical instrument in the 1960s by composers such as Steve Reich, in his piece titled Melodica (1966).[9] Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal developed a technique consisting of singing while playing the melodica (video), resulting in a wide tonal and harmonic palette.[10] Jamaican dub and reggae musician Augustus Pablo popularized it in the 1970s,[11] and his son Addis Pablo takes after him in the same genres.[12] The American musician Jon Batiste was often seen playing a melodica on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.[13] Funk keyboardist Bernie Worrell played melodica on multiple recordings in Bootsy Collins's discography.[14] The instrument is also associated with the Inti Raymi festival in Otavalo, Ecuador. v

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