Office Suite from Microsoft.

MsWord, MsExcel, MsPowerpoint, etc.

MsExchange is separate.

These apps were great a long time ago. I loved MsWord for DOS! And Word and Excel were great on the Mac before MsWindows (I bought Excel when it was Ms Multi Plan and Ms Chart).

But the passing of time just makes them fatter and slower, with few features that anyone needs. (Joel Spolsky would disagree with the BloatWare label.)

And the closed binary format, pointlessly tweaked whenever possible to fight compatibility from competing products, is quite annoying.

I rarely use MsWord anymore, doing all my writing in EMail and Wiki.

MsExcel is still useful, though I rarely play spreadsheet-jockey anymore. And I'm playing with Star Office/OpenOffice for my meager needs.

Competition: IWork, OpenOffice

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