Neal Stephenson

One of my favorite authors (I've read every single book below). A big cyberpunk guy, fiction documenter of the Hacker ethos.


The Big U was his first book (1984). Not nearly as polished as his later stuff. But still has some hysterical sections. University life, role-playing games, etc. ISBN:9780380816033

Zodiac (1988) was the first book of his I read. Fabulous. Genetic engineering, PCB-s, Boston Harbor, etc. ISBN:0553573861

His break-out CyberPunk book was SnowCrash (1992).

Diamond Age (1995) had some great sections involving childrearing and artificial intelligence, but I found the ending a bit messy...

Cryptonomicon (1999) was maybe the "richest" book to date. One of my favorite novels ever.

Interesting essay from that time (1999), turned into short book. In the Beginning was the Command Line

Oct'2003: released QuickSilver, Volume 1/3 of the Baroque Cycle. Others followed.

Anathem in 2008.

Mongoliad 2010

Reamde (2011)

Seveneves (2015)

Rise and Fall of DODO (2017)

Fall: or Dodge in Hell (2019)

Also wrote under the name Stephen Bury (co-authoring with his relative)...

Wrote longest Wired Mag article ever as research, Mother Earth Mother Board (and related chat transcript) about the laying of Fiber Optic cable around the globe. (1996)

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