New York State Proposition 1

Azi Paybarah on the New York State Proposition 1

"This is a strange, sort of schizophrenic approach to the problem," said Diana Fortuna of the Citizens Budget Commission. If it were to pass, "the governor has all the cards before the first day of the fiscal year and the legislature has all the cards after that." The irony, she pointed out, is that "The state (is) mandating on New York City an excellent budget process to balance the budget according to generally accepted accounting principles, reasonable debt limits and the like, but none of that does Albany enforce on itself."

Would you trust [z2004-07-22-NysWorstLegislature]?

Hmm, Common Cause is in favor of it, for reasons not mentioned by Paybarah

  • HCRA HealthCare budget is currently off-the-books, which results in hidden decision-making (Transparent Society)

  • independent budget office will be created - but by the crooked legislature.

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