Observation Orientation Decision Action (Observation, Orientation (model?), Decision/Decision Making, Action)

Iterative Learning and Decision Making model of John Boyd - like a FeedBack loop

how similar to MADA?






John Robb, Mar'2021: The best way to radically improve the OODA loop is to improve orientation... Orientation makes sense (sense-making) of the information you observe and then points you in the direction of possible solutions. It’s also the step where intuition, empathy (controlled), and creativity enter the process... Intuition provides nearly instant situational awareness (there’s a german word for this: Fingerspitzengefühl -- fingertip feeling). Think of it as highly evolved pattern matching. The only way I’ve found to access it is as a gut-level feeling. Think: “something feels wrong” or “the problem we are trying to solve isn’t the real problem” or “that will fail the moment we/they try it.”... Creative synthesis (see the May 2018 report on this for more). John Boyd called this “making snowmobiles” (combining the tracks of a tank, human skis, motorcycle handlebars, etc. to create a creative solution to the problem of movement across snow). The key to unlocking this is something called exaptation (from evolutionary biology). Exaptation is a repurposing of a highly evolved system to something entirely new. In the snowmobiles case, it’s the combination of multiple highly evolved systems into something new. Exaptation allows extreme rapid jumps in capabilities (far faster than anything achievable through iterative improvement).

Venkatesh Rao's presentation deck

  • Thinking in OODA loops is about getting the right mix of nerve and imagination for a winning strategy.
  • Pure Cooperation OODA (Positive-Sum): The goal of OODA operations is to operate inside the market's decision cycle, to seize and retain the initiative, in order to control the market, to make yourself surprisingly lucky, and your customer predictably delighted... Prototype: caring for an infant.
  • Lesson 13: Superior Orientation leads to superior Goals (goal-setting), which makes all other decisions easy

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