Sending jobs Off-Shore to save on labor (and regulatory) costs.

I've done this a couple times (hiring remote devs), it worked pretty well, based on process of


Johanna Rothman piece

Robert Reich says you need to be a Symbolic Analyst to survive.

hmm, a form of International Development?

(recommended for software by some associates: Exadel (Ukraine))

You get what you pay for... --2004/01/19 01:29 GMT
A colleague of mine summed up what I believe is true about 'you get what you pay for' - if you pay peanuts then you get monkeys. Experience with a corporation that I worked for showed that they paid something like 1 (or even 2!) USD/hr per worker for off shore programmers. They were smart people with limited experience. However they did not like being told (or talked down) on what to do and how to do it as they were, off course, highly qualified, literate individuals. Consequently working with them was a real pain, with endless days and nights of work and re-work on project deliverables. The net savings were always dimished simply thru the effort wasted by them on project tasks and re-work together with endless management required for their day to day tasks.

Off Shoring (Global Maldistribution of Income) --2004/01/30 02:36 GMT
THE ECONOMY see Raymond Donald Pairan Jr.

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