Personal Philosophy

The Wife thinks a fundamental cause of my character shortcomings is my lack of spirituality.

Her description of my Belief-s:

  • life has no meaning
  • then we're food for worms

Her description of her own beliefs

  • the Universe wants her to be successful/happy

What do I really "believe"? (World View)

  • there is no coherent god-like mind out there
  • there are weird things we don't understand about the universe
  • there are lots of niches/gaps in the universe; yet everything seems to be interconnected (Intertwingularity)
  • this provides lots of opportunities to do what you want
  • there is no absolute/universal Meaning Of Life. Each person defines/designs that for himself. But certain meanings "are" better than others... to me? What gives a person Christopher Alexander's Quality Without A Name?
  • in the end we are food for worms.
  • every Orientalist practice seems to involve withdrawing from life (Acting Dead), despite claims to the contrary. This seems implicitly negative to me, as though any action is to cause some kind of harm, therefore one should avoid action. I want a more energetic, embracing, effectual orientation.
  • I tend to be very critical, of what I see as BullShit. But I should stop being surprised that there is so much shit. Instead I should simply move past it and embrace the rare gems of life, and point other people toward these things (so they can embrace things that are better than shit). Criticize By Curating.
  • ????

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