Non-free Social Bookmarking service, which increased in popularity as went down.

Pinboard (also called is a Social Bookmarking website developed and run by Maciej Ceglowski. It has a plain design and a focus on personal management of bookmarks using tags to organize them, similar to early versions of the Delicious social bookmarking service... When Pinboard launched in July 2009, it charged an approximately $3 signup fee for new users.[3] This fee automatically increased by a fraction of a cent for each new user, a system intended to slow the growth of the site, to make enough money to sustain development, and to discourage spammers from joining.[4] A few months later Cegłowski released an option to save ("archive") copies of bookmarked web pages with a $25 yearly subscription fee, and Pinboard became his full-time job with 1,200 users.[5] New users joined Pinboard at a gradual pace until December 2010, when information leaked from Yahoo! indicated an uncertain future for Delicious, which it had owned since 2005.[6] Many people reacted by joining Pinboard; it grew to 16,000 users by the end of the month, with a signup fee incrementally increased to $9.[6] By October 2011, Pinboard had 25,000 registered users (including 18,000 active users) and continued to be a one-person company (One Man Show).

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