Presentation Software

MsPowerpoint, Apple KeyNote, etc.

how about Thin Client and HTML?

  • The S5 alternative where the slideshow is a single XHTML file, and CSS/JavaScript gives you a nice look.

  • May'2006: Jon Udell looks at S5 and the newer AJAX-oriented Html Slidy by Dave Raggett

  • Apr'2014: RevealJs

  • I think the big barriers for adoption are:

    • conference organizers prefer everyone to use the same thing to avoid surprises in logistics

    • it's easier to pass around a single file (even if all your text is in a single file, any images will be separate - though I suppose you could have the images out on the net as long as your conference machine is on the net)

    • you need an editor/renderer, and most people are used to MsPowerpoint.

      • time for you XOXO types to get something released!

how about Mind Mapping?!

  • though there's no super-friendly way to make such a presentation downloadable, though you can export FreeMind to collapsable XHTML... (hmm, how about XOXO? I don't think it does that yet, but maybe you could easily convert the XHTML to XOXO?)

Michael Schrage points out that we're mis-FramIng presentation as one-way communication, when it should be interaction because (a) you're hoping to get a reaction, and FeedBack is necessary to know that, and (b) often the best way to achieve that is through interaction/conversation/Collaboration.

Apr'2014: Desk Set MacOs X $20 app using Mark Down.

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