Project Management Software

Software to help people commit Project Management.

In "classic" (WaterFall, Gantt Chart) category, marketshare leader is MsProject. We will bury you.

I tend to use a Software Forge, though I don't really think/plan in classic Project Management terms.

Feb'2013: Jason Cohen defines some niche-specific alternate approaches.

Notes from 2001

Microsoft is broadening the reach of MsProject. In the words of partner Business Engine , "They (Microsoft) want to make Project into a platform, which is the way we have always seen it," he said. (Though BE seems to have a top-down budget/Control attitude...)

My vision is a product called Project Flux. Similar to the killed-by-BlogGer Py Ra.

Here's one possible NameSpace. Another is PmXml.


An old attempt: use Zwiki (Collaboration Ware, WikiForCollaboration Ware)

Tweak Zwiki:Zwiki Tracker

  • add some fields like assignedTo, expectedCompleteDate

  • use Zwiki's built-in Hierarchal Structure to mimic a hierarchy of tasks

  • body text of each task item/page is like a WebLog/AppLog entry. (And Zwiki let's you set up any page to support email subscription for updates.)

Structure the wikis for an organization as follows:

Most discussion happens via EMail (and in person), then is recorded to the appropriate wiki pages, because Summarizing Is Necessary.

Note this makes it difficult/tricky to view a single-project RecentChanges/WebLog view.

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