experimental step of Product Development

implies Iterative design/improvement (D And D)

cf Minimum Viable Product, Demo Or Die

tools: Oct'2022 Maggie Appleton thread: I still want the thing between Figma / React

  • she means for usability vertification of prototype before building... solution validation can be done with basic Figma protos and interviews. (But it's) Harder to test specific UI elements, nuanced interactions, transition animations without a bit more control over the prototyping medium
  • conclusion: 1. There is a lot of debate and no clear winner; 2. People reluctantly love Axure; 3. HTML possibly the answer... but I'm not fully convinced. No direct manipulation. No interactive helpers. PITA to deploy many versions for user testing

tools - older list

Lorem Ipsum generator, because if all your text blocks are the same, it becomes harder to anchor change discussions.

also an OOP variant: Prototype Based

also an AJAX library

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