Quantum Psychology

Robert Anton Wilson book ISBN:1561840718

Some consider Quantum Psychology a follow-up to Wilson's earlier volume Prometheus Rising, mainly for the presence of practical exercises to demonstrate its concepts at the end of each chapter (this time intended for groups rather than a lone reader). It focuses primarily on the metaphysical and epistemological problems of Aristotelean reasoning and its use in everyday language, covering EPrime and how it addresses many of the semantic (and resulting perceptual) "spooks" that common language lets in. It also covers, in a way that doesn't end up as discontinuous as it might sound: psychosomatic healing and a possible explanation for it; non-local effects in quantum physics (Bell's theorem) and the theories of David Bohm; and a brief recap of the Tim Leary eightfold consciousness theory of human consciousness (Eight Circuit Model Of Consciousness) which Prometheus Rising covers in much greater detail. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_Psychology





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