Reality Is Broken

Real World Game book by Jane [[Mc Gonigal]]

Edward Champion is not a fan. But what Mc Gonigal missed in Motivation was AbrahamMaslow’s assurance that those who are self-actualized have “an unusual ability to detect the spurious, the fake, and the dishonest in personality, and, in general, to judge people correctly and efficiency” and that this efficiency in relation to reality “extended to many other areas in life.”

Ian Bogost liked it: destined to be one of the most influential works about videogames ever published... it challenges me because I can't seem to agree with some of her key principles, despite our friendship and collaborations... I don't think games are happiness engines, either. They are complex, rusty machines built to show us that the world is so much bigger and weirder than we expected. I play games to remind me of this. I make them for that purpose too. Jane and I have both designed games that engage the world's problems, but I tend to see my games as troubling the idea of solutions rather than leading us toward them... Where she values happiness and epic wins, I value wonder and sublimity.

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