Reinventing Project Based Learning

book by SuzieBoss: Reinventing Project Based Learning ISBN:156484238X

For teachers seeking a CheckList-type book about how to structure student projects within the standard constaints (only have normal-class-schedule-time-slot plus homework to deal with, don't even use 100% of classtime, etc.), this is a handy book. It gives you nice phases, meta-questions, thinking-taxonomies, etc.

If you, on the other hand, believe that "real" Constructionist project require changing the meta-game, this book won't take you very far. (It's possible that some of the online resources it refers to go farther...)

So this is kinda the equivalent of the book that helps you run more effective meetings, vs Re Work (from the Thirty7 Signals crowd) that says "Meetings are toxic!".

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