Replicating Userland

Context: I currently have a WebLog hosted in Userland Manila. I could move that into Radio Userland (in fact, I have to consider the possibility that I'll get thrown off the free hosting eventually, since they don't want to be in that business - but I could always move to a paid-Manila host).

But I prefer to integrate here with Wiki.

But, in doing so, what will I lose (what will I have to build)? (I'll focus on the serving piece, as I don't currently find Radio Userland that interesting as a reading-via-RSS tool.)

Calendar-based listing. What's the simplest design that is acceptable?

  • sort by blog page name (reverse), just show 20 at a time, keep scanning backward in time

  • fancier: show a month at a time (that's probably too much), scan backward a month at a time

  • non-linear jump: static list of year-months, which then renders that month (or last 20 of that month)

RSS feeds for other to read. And subscribe to. (I'm don't see this as a crucial requirement yet - see RSS.)

Auto-pinging to

Writing offline (only with Radio Userland, not Manila - and then I'm tied to a pre-setup machine)

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