Resilient Community

Resilience at local-scale (LocalWorld). Urban/Neighborhood

John Robb has been writing about this a lot. ...creates a set of new services that allow the smallest viable subset of social systems, the community (however you define it), to enjoy the fruits of globalization without being completely vulnerable to its excesses. These services are configured to provide the ability to sur- vive an extended disconnection from the global grid in the following areas (an incomplete list): Energy; Food; Security (both active and passive); Communications (OpenNet); Transportation.

  • Jul'2008: Alex Steffen isn't convinced. Resilience is a great strategy for making sure our communities are capable of withstanding the bumps we're facing in order to keep generating solutions which can be used to avoid the crash; but if the crash comes, individuals and local communities are not going to be in any position to weather it through their own actions, no matter what they do. Prevention is the only cure worth talking about here.

  • preparedness for post-Collapse Survivalism?

BALLE: Business Alliance for LocalLivingEconomies - BALLE networks create local living economies through the building blocks of independent retail, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, green building, local zero-waste manufacturing, and community capital.

Alternative framing: Robustness? 2008-01-22-CascioResilienceVsOtherMemes

Factors to consider

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