Route Around


A Subversive act?

Criticize By Creating

John Gilmore: The Net treats Censorship as damage and routes around it

Jeff Kandt says The 'net treats greed like damage and routes around it

Zachary Bir: the net routes around any Artificial Scarcity, of which censorship is just one kind.

focusing on SmallWorld/Open Society

aka Alternative Social Mechanism-s

Paul Glover says Big Problems need Little Solutions (lists lots of ideas)

Kevin Carson's essay "A Political Program for Anarchist-s" lists a number of mechanisms. producers' and consumers' co-ops (CoOperative), LETS systems and Mutual Bank-s, syndicalist industrial unions, Tenant Association-s and Rent Strike-s, neighborhood associations, (non-police affiliated) Crime Watch and Cop Watch programs, voluntary courts for civil arbitration, community-supported Agriculture, etc. The "libertarian municipalist" project of devolving Local Government functions to the Neighborhood level and mutualizing social services also falls under this heading--but with services being mutualized rather than municipalized.

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