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Cargo Cult?

Derek Powazek (2009): The problem with SEO is that the good advice is obvious, the rest doesn't work, and it's poisoning the web. I'm going to tell you about the problems, and then tell you the one true way to generate traffic on the web, based on my own 14 years of hits and misses.

Patrick McKenzie:

  • SEO for Start Up-s:
  • SEO for the Software Industry: - So I made a CMS which, given a list of words and some explanatory text, would create a downloadable set of 8 bingo cards (great for parents, less great for teachers) on that topic, make a page to pitch that download in, and put an ad for Bingo Card Creator on the page. Note how I’m using this content to upsell the user into more of a relationship with me: signing up for a trial, giving me their email address, maybe eventually buying the software. I have a teacher in New Mexico who produces the words and descriptions for me. The pages end up looking like this for the American Revolution. She produces 30 activities a month for $100, and I approve them and they go live instantly. If your product has many uses, you can generate lots of "content" by documenting each use and tagging it appropriately. This is Content Marketing.

Gain Actionable Insight With These 21 SEO Dashboards for Google Analytics (by Damian Thompson for Hit Tail

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