Religious Cult created by L Ron Hubbard

There are connections with General Semantics. Good and bad.

Also connections with the Magick of Aleister Crowley. "According to Ron Jr., his father considered himself to be the one 'who came after'; that he was Crowley's successor; that he had taken on the mantle of the 'Great Beast'. He told him that Scientology actually began on December the 1st, 1947. This was the day Aleister Crowley died."

known for suing people who publish information about its practices

Operation Clambake critics

In 1991, computer engineer Keith Henson was found guilty in California of a criminal act related to posts he made in the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology, which contained obviously comical (all right, Sophomoric) references to targeting Scientologists with a nuclear missile. The jury convicted him of interfering with a religion - likely due to his habit of picketing near the cult's properties.

  • He fled to Canada. He was arrested there, but then released.
  • Trying to get official refugee status

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