Concept associated with Abraham Maslow.

Self-actualizing people are involved in a cause outside their own skin - having a calling. They devote their lives to the search for the ~14 Being-Values: truth, beauty, goodness, perfection, simplicity, comprehensiveness, human love, .... (Transcendentals?)

Behaviors leading to Self Actualization:

  • experiencing fully, vividly, selflessly
  • making a series of progression choices rather than regression choices: being honest with oneself and others, etc. (congruence)
  • recognize you are a unique self, and express your uniqueness consciously
  • When in doubt, be honest rather than not
  • dare to be different, unpopular, nonconformist, if that's how you feel
  • actualize/achieve your potential - work to do well the thing you want to do
  • set up conditions so that Peak Experiences are more likely
  • identify and give up your defenses blocking the way to self-knowledge.

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