Senior Housing

QuietCare is used in multiple settings - there are lots of different places that Senior-s live.

Some stay at home - "AgingInPlace"

Other abbreviations, explanations of different types of housing for seniors:

NORC - Naturally Occurring Retirement Community - when you suddenly realize that your apartment building is filled with seniors, because they've been there for 30 years and never moved out.

CCRC - Continuing Care Retirement Community - Entering one is usually a once-in-a-lifetime choice and that's the appeal. Many have large campuses that include separate housing for those who live very independently, assisted living facilities that offer more support, and nursing homes for those needing skilled nursing care.

ILF - Independent Living Facility - typically six to seven years younger than residents of other elderly housing and are more healthy. Therefore, few support services are offered at ILFs other than building management and security. Thus, monthly rates are lower than ALFs. Sometimes not even staffed 24/7.

ALF - Assisted Living Facility - staffed 24/7, provides some assistance performing ADL-s. Range of services available at sliding scale (Up Sell).

SNF ("sniff") - Skilled Nursing Facility (Nursing Home) - more frail residents requiring more care, ergo more "real" nurses on staff.

Or try a Trailer Park!

Or a CruiseShip!

Or Eden Alternative.

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