Side Project

activity that is a Project Oriented hobby or non-primary way to Make Money (Portfolio Life).

May turn into significant money over time.

cf Saturday Morning Project

Mar'2013: Chris Dixon: Business people vote with their dollars, and are mostly trying to create near-term financial returns. Engineers vote with their time, and are mostly trying to invent interesting new things. Hobbies are what the smartest people spend their time on when they aren’t constrained by near-term financial goals. Today, the tech hobbies with momentum include: math-based currencies like BitCoin, new software development tools like NoSQL databases, the Internet Of Things, 3D printing (Desktop Fab), touch-free human/computer interfaces, and “Artisanal” hardware like the kind you find on KickStarter. It’s a good bet these present-day hobbies will seed future industries. (Slack)

Try to actually finish them.

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