Slow World

A version of a New Economy that embraces Slack? A version that caps virality?

to get there, do you need to Say No?

How congruent with SmallWorld? See also Indie It struck me that if we're truly passionate about something, we take the time to do it right and enjoy it... Turns out, the Slow Movement goes way beyond food: there's also a slow cities movement (also started in - where else - Italy!) (see also this interesting interview in Mother Jones). The book I mentioned earlier (InPraiseOfSlowness) also talks about applying the Slow approach to other things in life: most notably sex, driving, children, and learning.

Slow Movement

Slow Software, Craft Software, Neo-Victorian

Slow Web

Slow Marketing 2011-09-22-RaoMiloCriterionSlow MarketingVsLeanStartup

Adrian Savage has a blog on Slow Leadership.

Slow Food

Slow Code

Slow Sex

Slow Schooling, Slow Education

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