Someone Comes To Town

Cory Doctorow: Someone Comes To Town... ISBN:0765312786 - very bizarre combination of WiFi/Cell Phone debates with surreal fantasy that would make Jorge Luis Borges proud.

WiFi thinking seems related to his "LiberationSpectrum" story [z2003-01-29-LiberationSpectrum].

This group slides from building their own Free Wifi hardware to just spreading the idea (Memetic) of everyone keeping their own HotSpot-s open (and named as "Parasite Net") for passersby to share.

  • I think this is a great idea, and people who share their WiFi should name their SSID to start with Parasite Net.

    • eventually WiFi "sniffers" could recognize these and identify their presence more openly (since right now they often don't tell you whether HotSpot-s they smell are open or closed)

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