Can apply to the single person, the Nation-State, or other scales (down to City Region, all the way to Self Government). (Federation is one tool/approach.)

In Systems Of Survival a character suggests forming an international NGO called "Friends of the Kurds" which solicits donations/grants to buy up property for the creation of a Kurdish State. Kurdistan?

A PJ ORourke article notes Yad-Mordechai was founded in 1943 on an untilled, sandy patch of the Negev. The land was bought from the sheik of a neighboring village. And there, in the common little verb of the preceding sentence, is the moral genius of Zionism. Theodor Herzl, when he set down the design of Zionism in The Jewish State (1896), wrote, "The land ... must, of course, be privately acquired." The Zionists intended to buy a nation rather than conquer one. This had never been tried. Albeit various colonists, such as the American ones, had foisted purchase-and-sale agreements on peoples who had no concept of fee-simple tenure or of geography as anything but a free good. But Zionists wanted an honest title search. (Israel)

Joel Garreau 1991 book Nine Nations Of North America ISBN:0-380-57885-9 covers the current USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Path: Secession?

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