Start Small, Stay Small

Rob Walling book for the "Micropreneur" (One Man Show Lean Startup - either for BootStrapping or permanent Life Style Company).

Hmm, what's the financial expectation?

  • One specific example is "attorney billing software", where he does the traffic calculations and gets to: assuming a $500 price point implies a fairly low conversion rate due to the high price and speed at which attorneys make technology decisions. If we assume 0.2%, you’re looking at $3,800 per month in revenue. It’s not the next Facebook, but it’s a good start. For a Micropreneur, this is a great market. For a bootstrapper, perhaps the first step in a billing software empire. So that's $46k/yr in gross revenue, in return for building an entire billing system. Somewhat un-exciting.
  • Which is why he has a section focused on getting a given business "automated" enough (kinda like EMyth) that you have time to build the 2nd business, etc. He also notes that his model is necessary for having sale value for the business.

chapter summaries

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