State Of Fear

book by Michael Crichton ISBN:0066214130

on Environmentalism

in terms of the fiction, I found the characters rather 2-dimensional, like reading Ayn Rand. But the storyline itself was kinda fun.

I wish he's put the non-fictional bits (endnote, references, etc.) online for better cross-reference.

His main points seem to be:

  • we don't know enough about the environment/climate to predict its future or evaluate the relative importance of various factors in changing the future

  • support for Environmentalism is part of a wider effort to control the US populace through Fear. Other vectors include safety and... (health/nutrition?)

    • this broader effort started at the time of the destruction of the Soviet Union, since a new scary monster was needed
  • the main activists in this effort, parallel to the Military Industrial Complex of the Cold War, consists of the politicians, lawyers, media, and universities

some criticisms:

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